Household cleaning products may do more harm than good

Maintaining a clean household environment is essential to keep you and your family healthy . There is nothing wrong using chemical products for better hygiene level, but just beware too much of it could be a hazard, especially when you have children around.

Kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners are the most used types in households. While they could kill germs and leave your home sparkling, they also pose a threat to the health of children who are more prone to toxic exposure from cleaning chemicals.


When it comes to cleaning your space, almost every single home has a bleaching agent  – even if you’re not aware of it. Many parents use it to remove any hidden bacteria. But while it does indeed kill germs, the chemical could leave children more susceptible to catching flu or other respiratory infections.

A research carried out by Dr Lidia Casas of the Centre for Environment and Health in Belgium suggested that passive exposure to bleach was associated with a 20 per cent increase in the risk of flu in 2014. The study was published online in Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

One possible explanation was that the irritant properties of compounds generated during the cleaning process may damage the lining of lung cells, sparking inflammation and making it easier for infections to take hold.


Rhinitis is one of the most common diseases among young children. It is the inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose caused by viruses, bacteria or allergens. Symptoms include stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing.

It is usually found in infants with asthma. However, pupils who are exposed to household chemicals for more than 3.2 hours per week are more vulnerable to rhinitis, according to a recent study by Chinese University of Hong Kong.

As a parent, you may eventually ask what chemical cleaning products are on the blacklist. In fact, it’s the frequency and duration of their usage that count. Also, irritation is not just triggered by a single type of detergent but total exposure to all or several types of cleaning products.

So next time when you are thinking of using chemical products, either opt for ones made from mainly natural ingredients, or simply reduce the frequency of using them.

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