Mooncake Madness – The Best Mid-Autumn Treats

Every year the Chinese Mid- Autumn Festival is celebrated in Hong Kong with colorful lanterns, light shows, festive decorations, dragons dancing in Tai Hang and families feasting on local delicacies.  This celebration was traditionally a thanksgiving for the harvest, and one of the main symbols of the festival has got to be the moon… well, mooncakes precisely and all sorts of mooncakes descend upon Hong Kong like a blizzard.

At Gusella, we not only enjoy the extra family time, but learning the story and meaning behind each occasion, joining in celebratory customs and most of all tucking in to the traditional treats associated with the Mid- Autumn Festival. The round shape of the cakes symbolizes completeness and unity, and thse rich delights are meant to be shared to bring people together. So if you’re thinking about buying some for friends, colleagues or family we have a list of them to help you out. Read on for our various pick of mooncakes this season!


Cuisine Cuisine’s Mooncake Masterpieces
Mira Dining’s two authentic Chinese restaurants are offering mooncake Masterpieces this Mid Autumn Festival. The Michelin recommended Cuisine Cuisine is taking the traditional route, offering White Lotus Seed Puree Mooncakes with triple yolks topped with gold foils.

Price: Gift box prices range from $188-343 from 4-8 pieces a box.

To Purchase: Visit Cuisine Cuisine IFC, Cusine Cusine at The Mira, Mira Moon Hotel for Cuisine Cuisine. See for locations.

Fook Lam Moon Mooncakes
The long-standing and highly awarded Fook Lam Moon Restaurant is bringing back their famous traditional mooncakes for you this Mid-Autumn Festival. Order classics like the White Lotus Mooncakes and Golden Custard Mini Mooncakes, or try their Golden Lotus Paste Mooncakes with Double Yolks. This is definitely the place to come for a true taste of tradition! Order anytime from now until Sunday, 27 September.

Price: Gift boxes range from $380-$680

To Purchase: Visit to order, call 3423 0388, or Visit Fook Lam Moon (HK), Fook Lam Moon (Kowloon), Guo Fu Lou and Fook Lam Moon Fine Foods Gourmet Shop.


The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes

The GUSELLA team loves the Mandarin Cake Shop at the Mandarin Oriental, so we have high hopes for their mooncakes this year. They recognise the importance in Chinese culture of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival so they’ve stuck to the basics and created high quality traditional flavours. Served in their specially designed mooncake boxes you’ll get all the favourites, from golden lotus to red bean paste mooncakes.


For early-bird offers order is from now until 13th August 2016, any purchase of 10 boxes of mooncakes or more will receive an extra 10% off!

Price: $378- $468
To Purchase: Call 2825 4005, email, or visit The Mandarin Cake Shop, Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. 


Tycoon Tann

We don’t know what’s more impressive, Tycoon Tann’s traditional Egg Custard Mooncakes or the contemporary three-tiered yellow and black box that they come in! Wow your in-laws with this chic limited edition creation. Order from now until 15 August you can enjoy an early bird offer at $298 for the limited edition for the six egg custard mooncake gift box; get your orders in quickly!

Price: $298 for 6 pieces (early bird price)

To Purchase: Visit Tycoon Tann and Mod Bar, G/F, 74 Wellington Street, Hong Kong, 3125 3228


Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

If you’re lookin for an alternative to classic lotus seed paste or custard fillings, Chinese Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak at the Four Seasons Hotel developed his own red bean paste with hazelnut recipe. Chef Tak has paired the hazelnut with sweetened red bean paste to perfectly balance the flavour. All Lung King Heen mooncakes are handmade by the restaurant chefs and contain no preservatives.

Purchase the assorted mini mooncake box and enjoy both novel and classic flavours. The gift box includes six mooncakes and three flavours – white lotus seed paste with preserved egg and pickled ginger; five nuts and glazed ham; and the new sweetened bean paste with hazelnut. It is the perfect treat for those who want it all. Not to be missed is the cream custard with toasted pine nuts mooncake, a sought-after delicacy created by Chef Tak since the Hotel opened.

Mooncakes and hampers are now available to order, while supplies last. Four Seasons mooncakes and Hampers are available for collection from August 8 to September 16, 2016 and Lung King Heen mooncakes are available for collection from September 1 to 16, 2016.

Early Bird Offer

June 15 to August 14, 2016 – 15% savings

August 15 to  31, 2016 – 10% savings

For bulk purchase, early bird savings will be applied after the bulk discount. Both discounts are not available for Lung King Heen mooncakes.

Price: Gift boxes range from $438 -$498
To Purchase:  To order, call 3196 8708, or email

FoodCraft Hong Kong
Raw organic vegan mooncake is available at Foodcraft made with scrumptious coconut based coconut and lemon mooncake. We are particularlry fond of their Raw Cacao option, which features raw cacao oats, dates, and goji berries. A box of four 50gram mooncakes costs $188. They don’t just sound delicious but looks amazing, with beautiful colors! Flavors range from cacao & mango, matcha strawberry, strawberry cacao and mango matcha.


End on 15th August 2016

Products will be delivered in 1st -14th September 2016

* Pick-up discounts do NOT apply

1box – 5%off ($198 –> $188.1)

5 boxes – 10% off ($990 –> $891)

10 boxes – 20% off ($1,980 –> $1,584)

To Purchase:  To order, call 2884 1299 or email

Conrad Hotel Golden Leaf

The ever popular Golden Leaf’s mooncakes return this year, though, in a more healthier form. They are featuring two new falvours, low sugar mooncake and mixed nuts mooncake are being introduced to satisfy your cravings.


Price: Gift boxes range from $348 -$688
To Purchase:  To order, call 2521 3838, or visit Golden Leaf, Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway


Planty Raw Vegan Patisserie

Raw (never heated about 41°C) handcrafted plant-based cakes, desserts and pastries with organic ingredients and unrefined sugars. Most items are also gluten-free. Their range includes raw macaroons, raw basil cream cheese cake, raw dehydrated fruits and nuts boxes for Chinese holidays and raw moon cakes.

To Purchase:  To order, email
Online only, phone not listed

DIY Mooncakes

Feeling adventurous? Why not try DIY? Raw vegan Chef Moy from the Raw Vegan Hong Kong blog nailed this vegan mooncake recipe here. Get creating and share your experiences with others!


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