Themed Halloween Costumes – All about Little Red Riding hood

Halloween is creeping up fast. As the annual night for you and your family to playfully dress yourselves up, you may want your costumes as unique as they are.

Expect dozens of eerie costumed characters –ghosts, zombies, devils, monsters and anything quirky – wandering along the streets on that night.  But not surprisingly, many of these creatures are just a repeat of last year.

This year, you, or rather your children, may want something more innovative—yet still able to show off their flair for the spooky. Instead of sticking with the traditional costumes, dress as the characters of Little Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood

Mimicking the plucky heroine will not only provide your little princess an opportunity to put on the pretty red dresses, she will also be happy to play out her fairytale dream.

With the theme of the fairy tale found in each of its creations, Gusella’s Fall/Winter apparel makes for a great themed Halloween outfit to dress with the added benefit of being able to re-use the garments for everyday wear!

As the red tone is its essence, pick an elegant dress in red or burgundy to go with the halloween gothic theme.

Aragonite velvet dress with metallic sparkle trims


Aventurina wollen twill dress adornedwith petal trims and satin finishing


Complete with shimmering shoes to bring special sparkles to the outfit.

Como Ballets in glittery and gold

Photo :

As with any costumes, you may need a few accessories to go with them.

Red hooded cape


Pumpkin basket


Now, you are ready to swan into the streets and seize all the candies!

Photo :


Dressing as the granny character is as easy as putting on a night gown, short grey hair wig, gloves and shoe covers.

To give a more dramatic look, hang reading glasses on an eyeglass necklace chain

As opposed to the grandma who was too weak to get up in the tale, this mini-man in grandma’s clothing is running fast to go trick-or-treating around!


Bad Wolf

When it comes to begging for candies, even a bad wolf needs a facelift. As adorable as it looks, this mascot costume is soft and cuddly with an innocent face. Just too cute to send him away.




Unless you and your friends are ready to go as minions, let’s celebrate Hallowen night with some statement Halloween costumes.

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