Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is right around the corner, and Santa and his elves are busy at work in the North Pole making toys for all the good girls and boys. And for those of us not in the North Pole, we’re busy thinking of the best gifts to get our little princes and princesses. Finding the perfect gift can often seem like an impossible task, but luckily the GUSELLA elves are here to help you brainstorm Christmas gift ideas for your little ones.



For the littlest of your brood, the newborns and the early toddlers, sometimes simplicity is key. Instead of opting for the battery-powered megatoys, look for well-constructed wooden puzzles, trucks or classic, plush dolls. Puzzles are great, because they often have familiar and exotic animals, which can help baby’s early vocabulary, and putting the wooden pieces in the proper place teaches fine motor skills.

Trucks and dolls are always a hit! As adults, we love watching toddlers run around the room pushing or pulling a wooden truck and making vroom vroom noises. Also, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a little girl hug and kiss her favorite doll, put her down on a bed, and give her a goodnight kiss. Our hearts melt just thinking about it!

When your children get a little bit older, the perfect gift may be a new scooter or bicycle or soccer ball. What makes any of these toys a great option is that it encourages your kids to get outside and play! They will love the extra mobility and speed it gives them, and you’ll be happy to know that they’re not sitting in front of a television screen playing video games for hours and hours.

Board Games

Board games are fun for everyone in the family, and when you give one to your older children, you can give them the extra responsibility of reading and learning the rules, then teaching the rest of the family how to play. This is a great time for your children to be a positive example to their younger siblings, all while bringing the family together to play with one another.

And with so many types of board games available, there is something for just about every child with a variety of interests and subjects to be discovered!


Kids grow. QUICKLY! So there is always a need to keep a child’s wardrobe fresh, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. Darling Christmas outfits are essential this time of year. Between school events, social outings, and Christmas parties, the perfect Christmas outfit is an absolute must for a gift! GUSELLA has a wide variety of outfits and matching shoes for boys and girls that are sure to turn heads and be the talk of the party!

Kids also love new outfits that express who they are. For the sporty boy or girl, stretchy pants and athletic wear is always desirable, and GUSELLA has developed a line that is both stylish and functional.

Whatever you decide to get your little ones for Christmas this year, be sure to tell them how wonderful they are and how proud of them you are. Kids love Christmas, and it is a wonderful time to let them know just how special they are!

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