Fairy Tales to Build Imagination and Thinkers!

There is something about fairy tales that stir the soul and creates a world for us that is simply magical and otherworldly. Kingdoms, castles, princesses, princes, heroes, and villains. Throw in mythical creatures like dragons or unicorns, and we’re hooked. What isn’t to like?! For 2017, GUSELLA is tapping into the magic of fairy tales for our seasonal clothing collections. Our Spring/Summer line brought the story of Beauty and the Beast to life, and we are continuing the magic for our Fall/Winter collection with the story of Snow White. But with so many other incredible fairy tales throughout the world, we wanted to share a few of our favorites with you, and we hope you’re inspired to read them in full to your little ones.


When your little princes or princesses come home and feel left out or have had a bad day, the story of Cinderella is sure to lift their spirits. Cinderella follows the story of Ella, a beautiful young woman whose mother passed away when she was young. Her father remarried, and his new wife had three daughters of her own, the mean step-sisters! When Ella’s father was away, she would be forced to do all the cooking, cleaning, and chores, leaving the “cinder” on her face…that’s how we get Cinderella.

One fateful night, the handsome prince is holding a royal ball at his castle, hoping to meet his future queen! While Cinderella’s stepsisters are dressing up in their finest clothes, Cinderella is left home. As she is crying, she is met by her fairy godmother who makes her a beautiful gown, turns a pumpkin into a magnificent coach, and gives her breathtaking glass slippers. We won’t spoil the ending in the off chance you haven’t heard this one, but we promise that this story will turn any frown upside down!

The Grasshopper and the Ants

Do you ever have trouble getting your children to do what they’re told? Would they rather idle away instead of working hard? Hopefully not, but if you ever find your little ones needing a bit of a push to work harder, this story is sure to help them out!

The story starts off in summer, with Grasshopper spending his days idly, playing music, enjoying the sunshine, and generally just lazing about. At the same time, he sees a colony of ants, everyone of them busy, day and night! When Grasshopper asks why they are so busy, they reply, “We’re gathering food and supplies for the cold, harsh winter! Why don’t you do the same!” Grasshopper doesn’t listen, and continues in his idle ways.

When the cold winter does come, Grasshopper is starving and freezing, and asks the ants for help. The lesson to be learned here is, “Work hard and plan ahead!”

These are just two of literally thousands of fairy tales from around the world. So, as your children go off on their own adventures, encourage them to use their active imaginations, and be excited when they return to tell you of swashbuckling adventures with pirates and fairies and magic carpets!

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