Gusella’s Exclusive Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

The dog days of summer are here, and while most people are seeking shade from the sun, swimming pools, and long days at the beach, our amazingly talented team at Gusella have been busy creating the exquisite, hand-crafted Fall/Winter 2017 Gusella Collection. Endless days and warm nights will soon be followed by harvest moons and crisp evenings. With that in mind, our team has been busy meticulously designing an inspiringly original collection that is truly a cut above the rest.

As the year marches along, so, too, does Gusella’s tributes to classic stories and fairy tales. As you recall, our Spring and Summer Collection celebrated the timeless classic Beauty and the Beast, which coincided with the international blockbuster live-action musical by the same name. For our Fall and Winter Collection, the storybook theme continues with the iconic story of Snow White. Watch our Fall and Winter video to witness our own Snow White take a bite into the apple, faint, and be brought back to life by her handsome young prince. Gusella’s Snow White stuns in her vibrant FW17 iconic rosy red dress. When she awakens from her deep slumber, she is met by the handsome young prince, donning the stylishly sophisticated Santiago jacket and trousers. Snow White’s delightful dress is perfectly complimented by her black flats.

This year’s Fall and winter Collection bridges contemporary style with timeless beauty and design. Inspired by and crafted with your little princes and  in mind, Gusella brings you artisanal Italian craftsmanship perfect for holiday parties, personal interviews, or birthday celebrations. For the colder months, we are pleased to introduce our lovely down jackets which are sure to keep your prince and princess bundled and warm as they sip their hot chocolate and watch the snow fall gently outside.

As we embark on the latter half of the year, we are also pleased to introduce you to the lively characters of The Golden Shoe. Join Ella, the curious, thoughtful bear, as she accompanies her friends, Luigi the brave mouse and Bruno the shy fox, as they search for the owner of the beautiful and mysterious Golden Shoe. Armed with only a single clue, discover how curiosity, teamwork, and a little fun can come together to solve a mystery!

For more information on the exclusive Gusella Fall and Winter Collection and to follow the adventures of Ella and her friends, join the Gusella mailing list to keep up with all the new styles, trends, and adventures in store for the fall and winter.


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