Stylish Shoes for Growing Kids

Witnessing the transitions babies and toddlers undergo as they grow is truly mesmerizing. From the first roll-over of a newborn to slow crawls and eventually upright walking, the transformations in a child’s growth and development is stunning. At GUSELLA, we have been studying how children’s feet grow since we first started making shoes in 1932. Over the years, we’ve crafted the finest quality and ergonomically designed shoes to ensure proper foot development at every stage of your child’s early life. We understand the importance of having shoes that are durable, stylish, and up to the task of supporting your child’s growth. As such, we’ve developed this easy-to-read guide to help you gain a better understanding of what you should be looking for in shoes for your growing child.

Newborn to 6 months (Infant Stage)

When you’re looking for the first few pairs of shoes for your little angel, the most important thing to look for is function. After all, since your little one won’t be walking for a few more months still, you don’t need an incredibly supportive sole, for instance. Instead, look for shoes that protect Baby’s feet from the elements and that are flexible. Stiff shoes can easily bend feet out of shape, since Baby’s foot bones are still so soft at this stage of life.

The right pair of shoes on Baby won’t be noticed by her, but if your baby is sporting shoes from the GUSELLA Culla collection, she is sure to turn heads of everyone who is lucky enough to get a glimpse of her! When looking for shoes for your infant, make sure that they are soft and prevent uncomfortable rubbing or chafing of Baby’s delicate feet.

6-24 Months (Toddler Stage)

Before too long, your little one will have the courage to take his first tentative steps. And before you know it, those tentative steps will turn into confident walks and runs! That’s why, during this stage of growth, it is vital that your child’s shoes have flexible, non-slip soles that are still flexible enough to encourage and support proper bone growth. Another thing to look for in shoes for your toddler is high, supportive ankles. As your little prince or princess gets braver, they’ll want to run around with their friends so high ankle support will assist in preventing painful ankle rolls or sprains.

Don’t forget to buy shoes with just a little bit extra room for your child to grow into. This will increase the comfort for your child and extend the life of your shoes, too! The GUSELLA Gusellino Collection has mastered a technique called “A Sacchetto,” which eliminates the need for the inner sole. Instead, a rubber insert is placed beneath the soft, cushiony leather sole to prevent slipping.

Other unique and ergonomic features specially designed by GUSELLA with your toddler in mind is the iconic upturned “L” shaped sole crafted to protect the heel and encourage upright, standing positions early on. Not only will your child walk around with confidence, they’ll look dapper and beautiful doing it!


2 – 4 Years Old (They’re-Growing-to-Fast-Stage)

The subtitle says it all…why can’t our little kids stay…little?! Despite our best efforts as parents, our little ones continue to grow up whether we like it or not! As your children become more adventurous in their daily lives, their feet are still changing. At this stage of their life, their feet are still growing more bones!

So, look for shoes with plenty of non-slip characteristics and shoes without undershot heels (which are notoriously blamed for creating walking difficulties).Opt for shoes that are flexible, lightweight, and that encourage proper foot growth. The GUSELLA Primi Passi Collection has elegant shoes fit for every occasion. During this stage of life, your kids are more active than ever, and chances are they’re (a bit) more well behaved and will have the need to dress up for formal occasions. These stylish shoes are made with the finest quality leather and breathe easily, leaving your little one’s feet supported, cool, and comfortable.


4 – 8 Years Old (The Junior Stage)

It seems like just yesterday you were bringing him home for the first time, but now he is in primary school, playing sports, making top grades, and becoming a little man. While the rest of his body continues to grow, the rate at which his feet are developing will begin to slow down. Most of his foot bones have grown and settled, and his arches are now well-defined.

As your children grow, the GUSELLA has classic, beautiful shoes for them every step of the way. When you start looking for the stylish shoes for your young ones, consider the Junior Collection from GUSELLA. These elegant shoes are shaped to match the growth of your children at this stage and utilize excellent quality leather in every aspect. By this stage of your child’s development, they can wear shoes with a natural toe shape and fully adjustable fastenings to allow for maximum comfort.

For every stage of your child’s growth, GUSELLA is there. Not only have we been doing this since 1932, but we have seen the difference GUSELLA shoes make in our own children’s health and development. We stand by the style and quality that has made GUSELLA a household name for generations.

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