Summer Clothing Storage Tips!

With the shifting of the seasons, there is something both dreadful and refreshing about storing your summer clothes and taking out your fall and winter ones. On one hand, cleaning and organizing isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world, but on the other hand, there is something extremely satisfying knowing that the work you put in today will benefit you next spring as the days get warmer and you’re ready to break out those shorts again! With fall right around the corner, the GUSELLA team has come up with some clever and creative ways to store your summer clothes!

Before you Pack: Unpack!

Yes, this sounds rather odd, but before you start putting anything away, it is important to first lay out all of your summer clothes either on the floor or on your bed. This is a great exercise for several reasons. First, by doing so, you’re creating space in your closet and in your dressers for your fall and winter clothes. Second, it is a great opportunity to asses your wardrobe. If there are items of clothes that you didn’t wear at all this summer, put them in a separate pile. This pile can be clothes that you want to donate or give away to someone else. Another pile should include clothes that you wore but that may be a little worn or threadbare. As hard as it is to get rid of a favorite blouse or skirt, now is the best time to toss it. Trust us!

Once you have done this for your clothes, do the same thing for your kids’ clothes. In this case, create a separate pile for clothes that simply will not fit your child next summer. These may be good for your younger kids in a year or two, but for now, they belong in storage. If you don’t have any more use for them, this is also a great time to donate these clothes or give to family or friends!


Wash Now, Be Happy Later!

Before you store your clothes for the fall and winter, be sure to wash them. This is important, because our bodies emit odors and oils that attract pesky insects and moths in some climates. Washing your clothes is the best way to keep these pests away during the winter months! Also, when it comes time to wash your clothes, there is no better time than the present.

We’ve been there….it’s now a new summer and we’re taking out our favorite summer clothes only to find that we forgot to wash something and a stain has set in…Now that favorite pair of shorts is ruined! Avoid this pitfall and wash your clothes today. Your “future self” will thank you when you open your storage container and all of your clothes are laundered and ready to wear!


Simple Storage Solutions

Now that you have sorted and washed your clothes, it’s time to organize them and put them away!

First, at GUSELLA, we recommend rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This prevents your clothes from getting fold creases in them over the winter months. Also, it will make things a bit easier when you actually go put them in your storage bins.

What type of storage should you use for your clothes? Well, there are several options. For clothes that don’t need to be hung up, plastic polypropylene bins are ideal. They stack nicely, can be easily labeled with painter’s tape and permanent marker, are sturdy, and their lids help keep those pests out. For a creative trick to keep out moths and other unwanted creatures, use cedar wood chips or shavings instead of mothballs. Mothballs are effective, but use chemicals that can leave residual odors and can negatively impact the fibers of your clothes.

For items that need to be hung up, first make sure that you’re using high-quality hangers. The wire ones you get from the dry cleaner are less than ideal, since they tend to cause unwanted creases in the shoulders. Instead, opt for thicker wooden or felt hangers for your clothes, especially for jackets and sweaters.

Another great trick for storing your clothes that should be hung are the portable, roll-away clothing racks. These are inexpensive, and make transferring from your closet to your storage area incredibly easy!

Lastly, make sure you’re storing your clothes out of the light and in a dry, well ventilated environment. Nothing attracts insects or mildew like damp, dark spaces!

At GUSELLA, we love the changing of the seasons. For those of you with kiddos, sorting, organizing, and storing your clothes can actually be a great family activity. As you’re sorting through their summer clothes, you can reminisce on all of the fun places they wore a certain outfit.

Happy organizing!

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