Summer Trippin’

Few things can be as daunting as planning a summer trip with your kids. On the flip side, few things are as rewarding as spending fun-filled days with your kids. Afterall, before you know it they’ll be driving and off to university! The window to travel and see the world with your kids is a relatively short one, so the GUSELLA teams recommends you make the most of it and get out and explore!

At GUSELLA, we are proud of our legacy as a family company, so we’ve asked our staff of parents (and their kids!) to help us prepare this Summer Trippin’ Guide. Enjoy!

Where in the World?

Already have a destination in mind? Great! If you’re not sure of where you want to go yet, ask yourself a simple question: Are you and your kids looking for an adventurous getaway or are you looking for something a bit more relaxing? Answering this question can quickly narrow down your options, which will make planning the rest of your trip much less stressful!

If you’re more adventurous, a trip to the mountains or to a foreign country where you don’t know the language is always a great option. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to engage your kids in planning your trip. Together, you can find the best sites, study phrases in a new language (¿Dónde está la biblioteca?), and learn about local wildlife, cuisine, and culture. A relaxing trip to the beach is hard to beat, too.


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Once you have your destination in mind, the next question is: How do we get there? Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially if you’re flying to your destination. One way to help your kids is to create a Packing List with them. Not only is this a great resource for your kids, but it also helps them keep their items to a minimum, which will reduce the total luggage you have to take to the airport and on taxis once you reach your final destination.
If you’re driving to your destination, be mindful of how long you’ll be driving for. If you’re traveling for more than 4 hours by car, try to find interesting landmarks or fun activities for the kids to enjoy along the way. Breaking up the drive not only reduces the boredom coming from the backseat, but it also gives your kids something to look forward to in addition to “are we there yet?!”

Getting Around

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you will want to know the best ways to get from Point A to Point B. Is there a train, tram, or subway? Do locals commute via bike? Taxi? Or is your destination a very “walkable” place?Answer these questions before you arrive at your destination. You may find considerable savings on commuter passes for your family if you purchase them online ahead of time.

Exploring a new place with your kids can be exhausting, especially if it is your first time visiting, too. Make sure that the whole family has comfortable walking shoes for your trip! At GUSELLA, we’ve made it our life’s work crafting and designing fashion-forward children’s shoes that are built for style and comfort, so take it from us: shoes matter!



It’s fun posting photos and updates from your family trip to social media, but don’t forget to take photos you can print out later and frame for the house! Also, on extended trips, days easily blend into one another, and it can be hard to remember what you did on each day when you get “back to reality.”
An easy fix for this is to assign a “Historian” for each day of your trip. This is a great way to engage the whole family. The Historian is responsible for taking photos and writing notes down about what activities happened on their assigned day. Where did you eat? What did you have? What sites did you visit? What funny moments occurred?

When you are back home at the end of your trip, you can spend time as a family compiling the various notes and photos into a comprehensive log, all while reliving the fond memories of your trip.

No matter what you decide to do as you plan your family trip, we at GUSELLA hope your trip is full of fun, laughter, and love. Bon voyage!


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