Bedtime Story – The Little Mermaid

Once upon a time, in a kingdom beneath the sea, there lived a mermaid king and his 6 beautiful daughters. Each daughter was special, but his youngest daughter was a most peculiar mermaid. She was exceedingly beautiful and could sing with such emotion and beauty that anyone who heard her voice was enchanted.

Now, every mermaid is permitted to visit the surface of the sea beginning on her 15th birthday. And being the youngest of the sisters, the Little Mermaid would sit entranced every year as her older sisters returned from their journeys to the top of the sea. They would regale her with stories of sunshine, of birds, and of large sailing ships.

The Little Mermaid dreamt for years of what her own journey would look like.

Then, upon her 15th birthday, the Little Mermaid was finally permitted to swim to the top of the ocean. When she reached the top, she glimpsed a lively birthday celebration for a handsome prince aboard a ship. She, of course, stayed a safe distance away, so as not to be seen. As you know, after all, mermaids are meant to be hidden from humans, who fear what they do not know.

The Little Mermaid was quite smitten with the prince, even from afar. Before long, she fell in love with the prince, even though they have never met.

Soon after, the weather turns violent! The ship is tossed and turned, this way and that. Water crashes over the side of the boat, and it soon falls victim and sinks!

The Little Mermaid rushes to the prince’s aid, for he was drowning in the storm. The intensity of the storm knocks him unconscious. Then all of a sudden, without knowing how, he finds himself safely on shore when he wakes up. The Little Mermaid saved his life, but he has no idea!

Sad that she was so close to the love of her life, she disappears to a dangerous, forbidden part of the ocean to seek the help of a sea witch.

Desperate to be with her handsome prince, the Little Mermaid makes a deal with the sea witch: In exchange for legs to be able to walk on the Earth, she must give up her beautiful voice. Not only that, but once she becomes human, she may never again return to her life in the sea. The Little Mermaid makes the deal, swims towards the shore, and drinks the magic potion, transforming her into a human.

When she is found by the prince, he falls in love with her immediately, despite her inability to speak!

Trouble awaits the love-bound pair. The prince’s father and mother (the King and the Queen) want him to marry another girl. Despite his best protests, he becomes engaged to someone else.

Heartbroken, the Little Mermaid wanders the land, desperate and alone. On the eve of his wedding, however, the Prince tells his family that he cannot marry another woman, for he loves the Little Mermaid!

His parents argue at first, but they can see that their son will not take “No” for an answer, and it is clear to them how much he loves the Little Mermaid, and how much she loves him in return. Finally, they give their blessing for the marriage.

As soon as the Little Mermaid and her Prince are married, the potion’s curse is broken, and her beautiful voice returns to her.

She tells them of her life in the sea, and they lived happily ever after.

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