Sandals and Sandalinis – Perfect footwear for summer

Iced tea and lemonade. Sunglasses and sunscreen. Socks and shoes. One of these combinations is not like the other! Summertime is a time to “free the feet” so ditch the socks and shoes and opt for GUSELLA’s adorably chic sandals and loafers for your little ones this summer. With sparkles and shine and classic looks, your little princes and princesses will be the talk of the summer scene this year! Discover some of the summer’s hottest styles below.


Your Princess’s Crown Jewels

For the little ladies in your life, give them the comfort, beauty, and pizazz that they deserve. GUSELLA’s summer sandal collection for girls provides updates on classic styles as well as freshly inspired ideas by our team of experts.


Classically detailed and infinitely comfortable, GUSELLA’s Quercia sandal is simply breathtaking. The 3 straps are tastefully adorned with interval glittery strap, making them perfect for a day at the beach or on the boat. The sandal is a delicate light pink, and the sole provides comfort and support for all-day wearability. Available in silver, pink-gold and navy. Finally, the timeless design makes transitioning from a beach day to a dinner party seamless and simple.



If you’re looking for a modern twist for your daughter’s footwear this season, look no further than the Palma sandalinis. You’ll love the level of comfort the Palma sandals provide your little one, and she’ll dote over the perfectly placed, bejeweled seahorse that runs the length of her foot. Available in both glittery silver, the ALINE is a wonderful fit for your modern princess.

Not to be outdone, the Malva shines in its own right with its bright, laminated gold and pink design and eye-catching rhinestone. With rear and side clasps–combined with the versatile rubber sole–your little princess is free to run through the fields and along the beach to her heart’s content.


The Prince on the Shore

For the little gentlemen, the GUSELLA team has pulled out all of the stops for style, comfort, and fashion. Our summer sandalini collection has something for newborn princes and toddlers alike.


Featuring the softest of calf leather and offering detailed contrast stitching, the CHELON sandalini for boys is perfect for a summer filled with adventure. High-ankle straps and adjustable Velcro fastening around the foot provide close, secure comfort, and the anti-slip rubber sole keeps their feet firmly on the ground while their heads are in the clouds! Available in light grey/yellow and blue/red, these stunning sandalinis are perfect for the summer sun.



For the littlest man in your family, we proudly introduce the FISH. Meticulously crafted for a baby’s foot,–as well as juniors–this handsome loafer provides great coverage of your prince’s foot while still colorful for your little prince to be outstanding in the summer beach. Sharp red on the top with a beautiful white-blue or black contrast on the side, these loafers are comfortable, flexible, and ready for your little man!


This summer, introduce your little ones to the joys and freedom provided by GUSELLA’s sandals and loafers. Our vast collection has something for everyone (sometimes more!), so be sure to find the ones that suit your little princes and princesses best before the warm days disappear!

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