Brand History

Once upon a time, a spirited young entrepreneur named Dino Gusella was gifted in making handcrafted children’s shoes. Dino had a wonderful dream; he wanted to open a store that would be enchanting for the children who came to buy his shoes, every pair of shoes would be lovingly and uniquely handmade.

This dream turned into a reality when Dino reached the age of 18 and opened the first ever Gusella store. When he married his wife Maria, the couple worked hard to design and develop shoes that children would love to walk, play and run around in. Their passion for children’s shoes led them to fame with parents and children all over the world who fell in love with Gusella. As they grew older, their daughter Sosy and her husband Gigi Calastri continued to see the business prosper and Gusella became the most sought-after brand in the city!


Gusella opened its first boutique in Via Spidari in 1929, inviting Milan to step into Dino Gusella’s world. As Gusella shoes grew in fame, Dino saw the vast potential the brand possessed and had Gusella officially registered in 1932.


By 1950, Gusella had opened several shops in Milan as well as in Lombardy. The increase in the number of shops allowed Gusella to continue to spreading the brand philosophy far and wide: to provide the finest quality children’s shoes while offering service fit for little princes and princesses. By holding on to our philosophy, Gusella’s fame spread to celebrities and leading figures who came from all over the world, to buy a pair of our infamous shoes. Gusella’s royal patrons included Prince Ranieri III of Monaco and his wife Princess Grace; a picture was taken of the Royal couple leaving Gusella’s San Babila shop with a pair shoes purchased for their daughter, Princess Caroline.


In the 1960’s, Gusella’s product range was enriched with the addition of clothing and accessories for children. In the 1970’s, Gusella also began offering maternity wear.


During the 1990’s, Gusella opened two specialized “Cose Comode” shops, which carried a variety of high quality footwear from a number of high-end brands, in addition to Gusella’s own collection. In 1999, the historic Gusella shop in Via Spidari reopened with a new image, offering footwear characterized by round shapes and soft lines.


More shop soon followed in 2005, as Gusella opened its’ first store in Rome at Alberto Sordi’s Gallery; the second store in Rome opened on Via Frattina in 2009.


Gusella currently has three stores globally with its flagship in Via della Spiga, Milan opened in 2013. The following year saw opening in both Beijing’s China World Mall as well as Hong Kong Lee Gardens. Current expansion plans are focused on Asia Pacific and Europe.