Our Brand

Once upon a time, a spirited young entrepreneur named Dino Gusella was gifted in making handcrafted children’s shoes. Dino had a wonderful dream, he wanted to open a store that would be enchanting for the children who came to buy his shoes; every pair of shoes would be lovingly and uniquely handmade.

This dream turned into a reality when Dino reached the age of 18 and opened the first ever Gusella store. When he married his wife Maria, the couple worked hard to design and develop shoes that children would love to walk, play and run in. Their passion for children’s shoes led them to fame as parents and children all over the world fell in love with Gusella. As they grew older, their daughter Sosy and her husband Gigi Calastri made the business prosper and Gusella became the most sought-after children’s shoe brand in the city!

Gusella was passed on from generation to generation, becoming a legacy in its own right, but we never forgot our artisanal origins nor the passion that drove our success.

Today, we at Gusella are proud of our Milanese heritage, our renowned excellence and quality craftsmanship, but most importantly, we are passionate about creating products both children and parents will love and cherish.